Videos O.G.B. Corp.

Videos hechos por O.G.B. Corp desde los 90 hasta ahora…

Buenos ModalesO.G.B. Corp.

BarbolO.G.B. Corp.

Trailer SupamanO.G.B. Corp.

Trailer Supaman – O.G.B. Corp. from Miguel Alcaíno on Vimeo.

NepetolO.G.B. Corp.

Emerald FoodO.G.B. Corp.

Las Cuerdas VocalesO.G.B. Corp.

La Buena Tierra (Parte 1) – O.G.B. Corp.

La Buena Tierra (Parte 2) – O.G.B. Corp.

Los Alemanes en Chile (Parte 1) – O.G.B. Corp.

Los Alemanes en Chile (Parte 2) – O.G.B. Corp.

La Libertad O.G.B. Corp.

Videos hechos para OGB.CL

Saludos de Homero Simpson y Mr. Bruns para OGB.CL

Lalo Trivia (Parte 1) desde el Lalo Evento

Lalo Evento (Parte 2) desde el Lalo Evento

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  2. Pregunto a Quico y otros lectores: cómo se explica el 45% que resiste a la “persuasión” del petro-estado, rico, corrupto y corruptor? Hemos hablado mucho de la mayoría que eligió a Chávez por seis años más, pero quisiera saber porqué muchos de los pobres que forman parte de ese 45% se resiste a las maniobras populistas y vota por Capriles. Cómo lo explican? Agradecería sus opiniones.

  3. James, is there really a problem with this painting? The point of the painting may be that the model is bored with the painting process and bored with the artist…maybe the model is looking at a mouse in the corner of the studio, or another painting beside the easel. As you say, the painting is well done; for me there is no problem – Stevens probably designed his painting to look the way it does.

  4. Hello John,Thanks for the update. I did not find any JS errors on my page in FF3,4 or IE8, though I’ll assume you are having the issue with IE9, which I cannot test on XP. Thanks MS..Did end up resolving my issues, though the cacaphony is best described in a subjugate blog entry to be provided tomorrow (most likely).AB

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